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Musically, it sounds to me like Zachariah is standing on the crossroads of Roots Country and Americana, however, he is forging his own path and the road ahead looks like a path well-chosen.
His sound is fresh, yet reminiscent of yesterday.
His stories are not new, but you have never heard them told this way before.
Give him a listen, I think you will like what you hear!

- Jeannie Seely, Grand Ole Opry Member


While most country music artists and bands you hear of may stay in a predictable country radio or outlaw-oriented lane, Detroit-turned Nashvillian Zachariah Malachi has been known
to be a shape-shifter of originality to the
genre of honky tonk music. He can glide
through the minor chords of Eastern
European jazz and morph it into
the depths of the barroom
basement regret dealing
with topics of cheating,
drinking, fighting, and
the morning after.

Full of original classic country songs that sound like they’re recorded 60 years too late (in the best of ways), it is a breath of fresh air compared to many of today’s modern country monstrosities, and a worthy introduction to an artist we hope to hear much more from in years to come.

- Saving Country Music

Read Saving Country Music's

of Zachariah's debut album.


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